Rules for participants


There are a few rules for photographs to ENTERĀ for FREE in both the local and the international contest.

Every submission should be:

  1. Self taken and self uploaded;
  2. Uploaded in September 2018 and available on Wikimedia Commons;
  3. Freely licensed;
  4. Contain an identified monument from the list we have put up on WLMMalaysia;
  5. Participating in a national Wiki Loves Monuments contest.

Please Note:
  • We have assigned each monument or site of cultural and Heritage naturewith unique identifiers (IDs), this identifier must be provided on every participating photo.
  • For your convenience we have put all the identifier (IDs) in front of each Picture.
  • Participation is absolutely FREE and Participants can participate in the contest with multiple photos or as many photographs as they like šŸ™‚
  • To be eligible to win a prize, participants in the contest must provide a way to contact them. It is recommended that the participant has an activated e-mail address in his/her preferencesĀ and has the receiving of e-mails enabled.
  • For your convenience you can also email your details at Ā or tweet us at @WLMMalaysia
  • If no way of contact is provided or known to the organisers, or no reaction is given, the photo(s) stay part of the contest, but the Participant/uploader will not be able to win a prize.
  • In case no way of contact has been provided or no reaction is given after contacting, it is up to the WIKI’s WLM Team team to decide if a winning photo stays in the top 10 of winning photos or not.
  • Please do like our Facebook Page at WLM Malaysia so that you will get allĀ updates in a timely manner.